Students may opt to do an internship while on the DBS Study Abroad Program at no additional cost to the student! Internships immerse students in the international workplace by providing them with an opportunity to work closely with professionals in a variety of industries and fields. Placements are made by experienced professionals on-site and are based on the experience and objectives of each student.

DBS has successfully placed study abroad students in a wide range of internships at organizations including:

  • Bank of Scotland
  • Basil Conroy
  • Business & Finance
  • Camera
  • Chambers Ireland
  • Cobweb
  • Comhlamh
  • Consumer Association
  • Copping On
  • Failte Ireland
  • Fighting Blindness
  • Film Base
  • Fringe Festival
  • Gallery of Photography
  • Garda In
  • Guna Nua Theatre Company
  • Hibernian Aviva
  • IDA
  • Immigrant Council of Ireland
  • Irish Life
  • Irish Penal Reform Trust
  • Irish Stock Exchange
  • Law Library
  • Legal & General
  • MEC Global
  • Morgan Model Agency
  • New Communities
  • New Ireland
  • One Foot Abroad
  • PC Localise
  • PWC
  • RD Communications
  • Simply Zesty
  • Spa Ireland
  • St. Bridgit
  • St.Pats Football Club
  • Suas
  • The Santuary
  • Tradesman Point
  • Voice Ireland
  • YMCA

If you choose to do an internship, you will be required to submit a resume, personal statement, and internship preferences prior to departing the U.S. Early in the semester, you will interview with prospective employers for a 20-hour/week unpaid position. The internship is typically 6 credit hours, but it is your home school's decision how many credits will be awarded for the internship.

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