When are the application deadlines?
Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis (first come, first served) but we urge students to apply several months in advance. Notification of acceptance is sent after a complete application is received and eligibility is verified.
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Do you offer study abroad to graduates?
No, the DBS Study Abroad Program is open to undergraduates only.
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Will the credits transfer?
Please refer to the transfer credit academic page.
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Can I use my financial aid to study abroad?
DBS can not award financial aid, but it can accept it as payment. Students should contact a financial aid advisor at their home institution to determine if any of their financial aid package can be used to pay all, or part of, the DBS Study Abroad Program fee. Most schools will require a signed “consortium agreement” to process financial aid for study abroad. Please contact the DBS Study Abroad Program Director if this is required by your home institution (See Contact Us section of this website).
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Do you offer scholarships?
DBS is happy to direct students to the many outside study abroad scholarship opportunities, but it does not offer its own scholarships for semester study in Dublin. We encourage students to apply early as most outside scholarships have specific deadlines and require early submission.
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When do I register for classes?
You register for classes once in Dublin, while taking the Foundation Course.
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When will I get my class schedule?
Students receive their class schedule once in Dublin during the second or third week of the program. Students register for courses while taking the Foundation Course.
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Can I arrive early/stay late?
You may arrive early, but you will be responsible for making your own way into Dublin. You will also be responsible for finding your own accommodations until the official program start dates (arrival dates). You must contact the Study Abroad Program staff if you seek permission to stay longer than several days after the program ends.
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When will I find out who my apartment “suitemates” are?
Most students who opt to live in the apartments will have a private bedroom in a suite style apartment that has 3 to 4 individual bedrooms. The DBS Study Abroad Program will ask all accepted students to complete a “suitemate matching form” to help us best match the students within each suite or apartment. Generally speaking, students will receive the name and email address of their suitemates several weeks prior to the program start date. Please note that private bedrooms are subject to availability.
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When will I get the information about my host family?
Generally speaking, students can expect to receive the details of their host family two to three weeks prior to departure. We encourage study abroad students to communicate with their host family at least once prior to arrival.
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Does DBS have IT facilities?
Yes, there are 5 computer labs at DBS. Laptops are also available from the library on a short-term loan basis.
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Will I have internet access on campus? In the apartment? With my host family?
All DBS buildings have wireless internet access. The apartment complex has an internet point (Ethernet, not wireless) and some host families have internet access. Please note that internet access is not guaranteed for homestay students and even if your family has internet, you may only have limited access with moderate use, if any.
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Can I bring my laptop?
Yes, you can bring your laptop but you will need an electrical appliance converter since the voltage in Europe is different. If you’re staying in the apartments, you will need an Ethernet cord which you can bring with you or purchase in Dublin because the complex isn’t wireless.
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How can I get a cell phone while I’m abroad?
You can purchase a new or used cell phone once in Ireland. Typically students spend about $200 per semester on cell phones and charges.
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Does DBS have any sports activities?
Yes, DBS has sports clubs and societies in the following areas: drama, psychology, soccer, basketball, pool, photography, golf, cinema and more. Complete details can be found at under Student Life/Student Services. Study abroad students are welcome to participate in these activities.
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Does DBS have a gym?
No, DBS does not have a gym; however, there is a fully equipped athletic facility (YMCA) within walking distance of DBS. Individuals may pay per visit or commit to a three month membership.
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Do I need a visa to study in Ireland?
You do not need a visa if you are studying for a semester in Ireland; however, you will need a valid U.S. passport. Once in Dublin, you will need to register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB). Since you will be staying in Ireland for more than 3 months, you may be required to purchase a "certificate of registration", which costs 150 Euro.
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Can I work while I'm in Dublin?
Students on the DBS Study Abroad Program do not have legal rights to work, part-time or full-time, while in Ireland.
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